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A Minty Contender Arrives for Butterbeer's Crown

The newest beverage at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has a bit of mint-strong bite, as well as chewy "fish eggs" (they're blueberries, actually).

Universal Studios Hollywood

What to Know

  • Fishy Green Ale
  • $6.99
  • Three Broomsticks at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

You say Butterbeer is near and dear to your heart?

You, dear beverage-seeking wizard, are far from alone in that sip-loving stance.

For the fans of this now-iconic drink, which finds its buttery roots in the whimsical works of J.K. Rowling and its real-world presence at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, will surely claim that its creamy character has cast an everlasting spell upon them.

But wait, Butterbeerers: There's a new drink in town, or rather at the Universal Studios Hollywood world o' wizardom, and it just may give the melted-vanilla-candy confection a run for its magical money.

It's the Fishy Green Ale, and while no aquatic critters were involved in the making of the drink there are "fish eggs" to slurp up through an extra-large straw. (If you think they actually might be blueberry in nature, upon tasting one of the eggs, you are a wise wizard, indeed.)

The liquid part of the cleverly named concoction is also free of fish eggs, but not of a creamy texture, nor of minty zing.


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And there's a hint of cinnamon, to complete the whole dessert-in-a-cup vibe.

Turn your back on Butterbeer?

You'd never, not when there is refreshingly cool Butterbeer to enjoy in the summertime and toasty warm Butterbeer when the holidays ho, ho, ho back around.

But sometimes? We're feeling fanciful, and even a little fishy, and if there are some faux fish eggs in our drink, and it boasts a wickedly whimsical hue, too?

We'll be back for Butterbeer in a bit, but for now, we're going fish, for a Fishy Green Ale.

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