A Stinky Huntington Favorite Will Soon Bloom

"Well, it's official. 2020 stinks," proclaimed the San Marino-based gardens in an announcement spotlighting its newest corpse flower.

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

What to Know

  • San Marino
  • The Huntington's outdoor spaces are open, though indoor spaces are closed; the corpse flower will remain off-view, though there is a livestream
  • Advance tickets to The Huntington become available for the following week each Tuesday at noon

If 2020 ever gets its own official t-shirt, an Amorphophallus titanum might be on the front.

Better known as one of the stinkiest specimens ever to grow on this planet, and perhaps any other planet, for that matter, the gargantuan flower is known for prompting anyone who happens to be standing nearby to pinch their nose, or at least turn away in mild disgust.

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens recognizes that many people are experiencing similar emotions nowadays, even if a corpse flower doesn't happen to be present.

And so, to announce its newest and nose-challenging-est Amorphophallus titanum, the San Marino landmark went with this memorable opener: "Well, it's official. 2020 stinks."

Nicely and accurately played, Huntington.

But while the Titan Arum, a truly tall flower that "can grow up to six inches a day," will soon open inside The Huntington's lush Conservatory, only staffers will be there to smell it.

It will not be on public view, in other words, at least in-person. But fans can watch a live feed, all to catch the opening of the flower's prodigious petals.

If only Smell-o-Vision truly existed. Or maybe, at least in this case, it is good that it doesn't.

Of course, you can learn more about the corpse flower while you wait upon its imminent bloom, what makes it so rare, and other interesting and fragrant facts at The Huntington's site.

As for when it will open it and enjoy its short and smelly run? No time frame has been given, but "any time, give or take" is a good guess. Best keep watch on the feed to see this foul-up-the-air favorite for afar.

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