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An Aquarium Turtle Shares a ‘Chum-sicle' With the Sharks

The Aquarium of the Pacific shared the cooldown, heartwarming video, and a reminder that it is open on Labor Day (outdoor areas only).

Aquarium of the Pacific

What to Know

  • Shark Lagoon is open at the Long Beach-based aquarium, along with other outdoor exhibits (indoor areas are closed)
  • Open on Labor Day
  • Advance tickets necessary; safety protocols, including face coverings, are in place

Have you ever called to the kids out in the backyard in order to get them to quickly return to the house for a special treat?

Any child'll dash back for a cookie or ice cream, but the notion of a "chum-sicle," even on the hottest day, isn't a temptation to humans.

But sharks? And sea turtles? Step out of the way and stand clear, for the flavorful and fishy ice block is exactly what the ocean critters are craving.

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach shared a video of both sharks and a large turtle named Theo savoring the warm-weather treat.

And "shared" is the operative word here, for both the sizable turtle and its fin-rocking, gill-sporting neighbors took turns gnawing at the block o' frozen fish, which floated and bobbed as each new tank denizen tried a bite.

Call it an inspiration to all of us, that we can easily share and take turns, even when something delicious is inches from our mouths.

The splashy video was posted because it is cute, for sure, but the aquarium also wanted to remind its fans that it will be open on Monday, Sept. 7, which is Labor Day.

Keep in mind that the indoor spaces of the Long Beach institutions remain closed, but calling upon the Lorikeet Forest, the Shark Lagoon, and a number of exhibits. Safety protocols are in place, such as temperature checks, and advance tickets are necessary.

Read all right here before making your way down to where the sea turtles and sharks swim (and snack, too).

Video: Assistant Curator Danny

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