Animals in the City: LA Urban Nature Fest

Dig the mountain lions, squirrels, and other beasties who call our region home? Celebrate them at NHMLA.

Hollywood possesses a knack, via some of its more sentimental and sweet-of-heart films, for making us believe that talking animals roam our biggest cities while enjoying rollicking adventures.

Well, that's mostly true, in fact, save the talking part, though just because crows don't speak in the fashion of human beings doesn't mean they aren't communicating (they totally are).

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles serves as a central point for our regional fan club, the one devoted to observing and celebrating those animals who call our metropolis home.

So each year they host LA Nature Fest, a two-day party that spotlights "LA's wild side." In short, if you love the big cats who roam the hills — holler, P22 — and the squirrels who chitter up in the liquidambar tree in your front yard, then this is your chance to learn more about the critters who exist, and thrive, in and around our own busy worlds.

A ticket? It's $12 for adults, five dollars for kids ages 3 to 12. The dates are Saturday, March 18 and Sunday, March 19.

"Over 30 exhibitor booths" will be on the Nature Garden grounds near the Exposition Park museum, with several nature-related or nifty science organizations out to chat with visitors.

Craft-making opportunities, time to talk with scientists, and other paths to knowing and loving the beasties who live in our wide 'n vast city are part of the wild-wonderful weekend.

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If you plan to visit the LA Nature Fest, you just might stroll by a curious squirrel or crow as you walk to your car or the bus. Best tip your hat, if you're wearing one, to let them know that you're a supporter of critters in the city, which does sound a bit like a movie title.

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