Aspiring Monsters, Knott's Scary Farm Is Hiring

The Green Witch is calling: The spookiest bash in Buena Park is looking for actors and other talented team members for the upcoming season.

0015 Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt
Knott's Scary Farm

What to Know

  • The maze-filled nighttime festival turns 50 in 2023, making it one of our region's oldest Halloween spectaculars
  • Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park; 2021 details will be revealed on July 15
  • The seasonal event is searching for character actors, as well as cooks, attendants, and other positions

The middle of July around Southern California?

If we were to be frighteningly frank, it's no time and place for monsters.

At least, for monsters wearing glow make-up that's prone to dripping, or thick, werewolf-type wigs, or heavy capes, the kind you might wear while lurking in a Transylvanian fog.

And yet? Here's the charming and mildly monstrous twist: It's right around the sunny seventh month when several spooky spectaculars begin their busy staffing process.

Which makes sense: So many of our region's biggest fall bashes, the kinds of happenings that feature shadow-filled mazes, growling 'n scowling street performers, and terrifying treats aplenty, need to be ready to roll when September starts.

Knott's Scary Farm is one of the majors of the local monster mashes, a theme park lark that first launched, with frights and fun times, in 1973.

But before the multi-week Knott's Berry Farm-based festival can begin, it needs its actors, those talented and exuberant souls that will give life, or rather after-life, to a host of Halloween-inspired characters.

Some characters return each year to the Buena Park party, including the elegant and eerie Green Witch. But for fans of fresh thrills, there are usually plenty of novel jumps, startles, and sights during the nighttime events, too.

If you're keen to play a part, and by "part" we don't just mean a maze monster, but one of the oh-so-essential team members that help make the Halloween season spectacle so famously beloved, here's some good and not-so-spooky news: Knott's Scary Farm is hiring.

You'll need to be age 18, or over, and available over several late summer and early fall evenings (the Knott's Scary Farm's final dates haven't yet been posted, but keep an eye on July 15, when more reveals are due).

Feeling the mid-summer heat? Surround yourself, or at least your future daydreams, with a chill and cheery fall wind by applying for a position at one of our area's eekiest extravaganzas.

Practice your most monstrous chuckle, then discover the dastardly details here.

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