Astro Doughnuts Rolling for Santa Monica

The Washington, D.C. gem has a DTLA outlet, yep; soon you'll be able to get your crème brûlée doughnut near the Pacific.

What to Know

  • Late 2018 opening
  • Main Street in Santa Monica
  • Seasonal doughnuts, offbeat flavors, and fried chicken, too

Once upon a time, crème brûlée was a dessert that mostly occupied the appropriate dishes, those ramekins made for holding crème brûlée. And a lover of the decadent stuff could not find it outside of a ramekin, and the occasional fancy menu, regardless of how far they looked.

Nowadays, one needn't look too far to find the creamy-middled, crunchy-topped sweet replicated in pancakes, French toast, cupcakes, and perhaps one of its most famous modern iterations, the doughnut.

It's a doughnut that's become synonymous with Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, a sweet-serving, chicken-perfecting shop out of Washington D.C. (and now DTLA).

Now fans of the shop's crème brûlée doughnut, with its cream-gooey center and sugar-fired top, will be able to find it in Santa Monica, in Main Street, near the end of 2018.

And while this latest Astro Doughnuts will still offer high-end pastries, often with a theme or seasonal twist — root beer float doughnuts have popped up before, and Oscar Week doughnuts, too — it is showing up with something new in its hip pocket: beer and wine.

"(E)xtended operating hours" will also be a hallmark of the Santa Monica shop, which will debut at 2309 Main Street as the year winds down and we find ourselves facing wintertime, and a hankering for treats like crème brûlée doughnuts.

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