Awesome August Flicks Fill the Cinespia Line-up

"Point Break," "Boyz n the Hood," and more movie greatness will call upon Hollywood Forever.

What to Know

  • August schedule is live
  • "Point Blank" and "Boyz n the Hood" are up first
  • All-night movie marathon on Aug. 17 ("Never Been Kissed" is the first film)

You can't spell "August" without "awesome"...

Oh wait.

So, upon consideration, it turns out you literally can write out the name for the eight month of the year without calling upon the letters found in "awesome."

But even so, both concepts share a similar spirit.

Summer is glorious gear when August arrives, tomatoes are ripe, vacations are vacation-ing, and evenings boast a hint of fall. So, yeah: Awesomeness abides in all of its August-a-tude.

And Awegust — we mean August — will deliver the goods on the Cinespia front, over several Saturday nights at Hollywood Forever cemetery, with one special, movie-filled all-nighter near the middle of the month.

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Starting the month with a salty splash for the famous alfresco film series?

It's "Point Break"  on Aug. 3. "Boyz n the Hood" is up on Aug. 10, with a tribute in memory of director John Singleton, while "Psycho" books a motel room on Aug. 24.

And on Aug. 17?

That's the "Movies All Night" event, which, yes, involves a trio of flicks screened into the wee small hours. "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore is up first, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" follows, and "Jawbreaker!" rounds out the filmful evening.

Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video are presenting this Cinespia season, which again includes popular hallmarks seen in the past, like a photo booth themed to the night's movie.

Tickets are $12-$20.

Don't let an especially awesome August event flicker on by, because we all know that summer goes as fast as a filmstrip passes through a projector.

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