Beatles at Dodger Stadium: 50th Anniversary

It was a half century ago that the Fab Four rocked the LA landmark.

While many of us can't exactly pinpoint what we were doing a month ago, there are some lucky people who know just where they were, and what was happening, on Aug. 28, 1966.

That was the date The Beatles played Dodger Stadium, a concert that is still murmured about — strike that, sung and shouted about — by the Fab Four's legions of devotees. It was a Sunday, yes, and the price on the ticket? A whooping four bucks plus a pair of quarters.

That's right, it cost $4.50 to catch Paul McCartney crooning "Yesterday," live, on a soft summer's evening not long after the sun had set. Pair this with the fact that it was one of the group's last shows, and you have a memory that is both lovely and bittersweet, one that lingers for all who were present.

But that memory will be revisited, with tributes, fireworks and plenty of yeah, yeah, yeahs, on Friday, Aug. 26. The Dodgers will celebrate The Beatles, and you can still book a 50th anniversary package to join in the mop-toppy merriment.

The Fab Four — The Ultimate Tribute begins the evening ahead of the game, with an on-the-field performance, a performance that will indeed include tunes from the Aug. 28, 1966 concert.

After the game? Beatles expert Chris Carter (of the ever-popular "Breakfast with the Beatles" radio program, yep) has created a fireworks-ready mix, so stay put, shimmy along to the songs you know so very well and ooh/ahh over the mondo sky show.

True, John, Paul, Ringo, and George also famously played the Hollywood Bowl, if you want to get deep into LA/Beatles trivia, but Dodger Stadium came a year after the band's final Bowl performance.

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Fans who were at both the '64 and '65 Hollywood Bowl shows and the 1966 concert at Dodger Stadium likely have different takes on the vibes experienced at each. After all, The Beatles evolved from year-to-year, in the studio and on the stage, and the chance to see them juuust at the cusp of their magical Sgt. Pepper-tastic transformation had to have been the moment of a lifetime.

Need more Beatles? Of course you do. The Grammy Museum exhibit celebrating Beatlemania is on through Sept. 5, 2016.

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