Bikes, Train, Boats: Fourth of July on the Move

Like your Independence Day with a little get-up-and-go? You can have it.

Independence Day? It's probably the holiday we're most likely to sit on a blanket outdoors. This is true, right? That's how many of us watch fireworks, and enjoy picnics. It's a special day enjoyed while relaxing, mostly motionless, on a patch of park grass somewhere.

There are a few on-the-go exceptions to this sit-back-and-watch-the-sky scene, though, and they arrive in the form of bicycles, trains, and boats. Yep, even the Fourth of July has forward motion in some parts of the city, and not just the motion of a pyrotechnic flying high in the air. Want some motion with your patriotic party? Head for...

LONG BEACH: The Great American Kids' Bike Parade rolls on the morning of Thursday, July 4 at 1 Granada Ave. The 10 a.m. time means you can still make that barbecue later in the day, and even fireworks, but it isn't so early that there can't be a little prep time early on. And you and your young'uns may need it: Bikes are dressed up to the red, white, and blue hilt, complete with balloons and streamers. Really cute stuff.

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NEWPORT BEACH: We know, we know, a certain pretty ocean-close town is known for a certain five-night Christmas yacht procession (and has been known for over a century). But there's a charming Fourth of July happening, too, in the form of the Old Glory Boat Parade. It's a daytime thing, so, again, you can get to your fireworks later. Want to do your own cruise? That can happen.

FILLMORE: Ride an historic train and enjoy classic barbecue eats? You can on the Firecracker Train. It'll roll through the Heritage Valley with a return to Fillmore just in time for some nighttime sparkle. If you've only ever experience the Fillmore & Western train at the height of day, this evening ride is a pretty and patriotic treat.

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