Family Fun

Bubblefest Floats for Discovery Cube OC

This science-fun springtime tradition is as light as air and layered with learning opportunities.


What to Know

  • March 30 through April 17, 2022 at Discovery Cube OC in Santa Ana
  • Presale tickets are available through March 29
  • $23.95 through $32.90; tickets include entry to the Megafest Bubblefest Laser Show

Everything we do, even the most around-the-house-iest chores, boasts an opportunity to reflect, learn, and think deeper.

True, we might choose to daydream, or hum a tune, or distract ourselves in various ways while we work, and, true again, daydreaming and humming and other fun distractions offer a host of life-bettering benefits.

And if you happen to be at the sink, washing a dish, and a bubble floats by your face? The fanciful sight may prompt you to ponder how these iridescent orbs form, how they float, and other scientific matters of a surreally soapy nature.

If you're seeking to burst your bubble-based questions wide open, there's a place that can playfully help: Discovery Cube OC. For the educational museum breaks out the blow-y wands, and sizable spheroid-making tools, for Bubblefest, its longtime springtime spectacular.

The float-tastic festival is returning to the science-minded center from March 30 through April 17, 2022, and pre-sale tickets are available now.

Securing tickets for you and the family ahead of time? It's a solid idea when it comes to this light-as-a-breeze lark, for the super-popular Mega Bubblefest Laser Show will be returning.

The show happens at select times throughout the festival, so you'll want to make sure you know when to attend, before purchasing your admission.

The Bubble Zone Experience is also a central component of the happening, an area that gives kids hands-on opportunities to create shiny, shimmery orbs. An interactive Bubble Wall is part of the zone, which sounds like a feature every bubble-loving youngster might request in their room at home.

And a Bubblefest Family Night will alight at Discovery Cube OC on April 8, giving families a chance to "(m)eet and greet bubble artist Melody Yang after the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show," play at the Bubble Zone, and enjoy the exhibit's other engaging offerings.

Selling out? It can, especially since Bubblefest traditionally takes place over spring break, when many families are looking for an educational and effervescent outing.

Float in this direction, now, for your tickets.

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