Bundle Up, LA, the ‘Frozen' National Tour Is on the Way

The Broadway musical, inspired by the Disney film, will sweep into the Hollywood Pantages during the 2019-2020 season.

What to Know

  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre
  • 2019-2020 season
  • Ticket on-sale dates, prices, and other details still to come

To say that there's never been a snowstorm on Hollywood Boulevard, or at least a little ice-cold magic, is to say you've never seen Santa Claus leading his sleigh along the famous thoroughfare during the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

And indoor snow? That's happened at the El Capitan Theatre, plenty of times. And real snow? There's that famous snapshot of Chaplin Studios, in 1921, blanketed in the chilly stuff.

But good, flake-fancying people of LA, snow is in the forecast, once again, for Hollywood. For Elsa is on the way, and Anna, too, and the royal sisters will be bringing the kingdom of Arendelle, and Kristoff and Olaf and Hans, to the Hollywood Pantages during the 2019-2020 season.

The Scene

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The national tour for "Frozen" will kick off in the fall of 2019, which means, yes, Los Angeles has been chosen as one of the first frosty stops on the on-the-go show's itinerary.

This is big.

Big, because the Disney take on the classic tale is big, big on movie screens, big on our TVs at home, and big on Broadway, where it was nominated for several Tony Awards.

And "Frozen" remains big in the hearts of millions of kids who know the lyrics to "Let It Go."

Now please. We aren't having it, if you claim you don't know the lyrics, too. Don't fib.

You probably are able to summon all of Elsa's cape swishes and dramatic arms-to-the-sky gestures, too, as you sing the mega hit song, which was penned by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez for the 2013 Disney on-screen hit.

"Information regarding casting, engagement dates, and how to purchase group and single tickets will be announced at a later time," is the statement from the Pantages.

The 2019-2020 theater season seems as far away as the North Mountain, at least from the spring of 2018, but here are a few things you can participate in while you await for the tour to arrive in Hollywood:

A) Snowman building

B) Relaxation in a toasty sauna

C) The eating of carrots, a reindeer's favorite food

D) Sliding around a castle, or, in a pinch, your hallway, in your socked feet

E) Chilling out

It's sure to be the icevent of the 2019-2020 season 'round the Pantages, which does not sit atop North Mountain, but isn't far from the Hollywood Hills, if that counts.

"Icevent," by the way, is self-explanatory: It's an event involving some sort of ice. Ask Elsa if you don't believe us.

Best watch the historic theater's site for more news on "Frozen" dates, casting, and more. Love may be an open door, but scoring a seat to this hot, er, cold musical will require a little pre-planning, date circling, and ice-cold patience.

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