Bye, Movember: Church Key's Shot & Shave Deal

You've raised funds, now comes more fun: Taking off the 'stache, with style.

While some people spend most of October planning their Halloween get-ups, from elaborate frocks to over-the-top wigs, others are thinking ahead to November, and the sort of mustache they'll grow over the course of the month.

They're pondering their participation in Movember, the 30-day-long let-it-grow fundraiser for men's health. And while there are several run-up parties to and on Nov. 1, typically involving shaving cream and brushes and razors, the same can be said for Dec. 1, when the final result it taken off a gentleman's mug in a few artful strokes.

The Movember Foundation has celebrated the cause all month long, with parties on Santa Monica Pier and 5K runs, but when December draws near, it is all about finding the spot to take it all off. 

You can shave at home, of course, in front of a foggy bathroom mirror, or you can make for The Church Key, from 5:30 to 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 1, where Christopher Ramos of Masters Barber Shop will be helping Movember participants return to their smooth-faced looks.

It's free, as is the shot you can sip in honor of your 'stache's moving departure. You've lived with it for a month, right? For a fine and important cause? Yes, we stand by the word "moving" here.

A Shot and a Shave is the name of the happening, which is not only gratis on the libation and lip-denuding fronts, but social, too; you're bound to see some of your Movember brethren lined up, awaiting the razor and bib. This means you can admire their hair-producing work, and the style they went with, as they admire your mustache.

We can only surmise that tips will be traded for next November, and, perhaps, a few new friendships shall be struck. Chef Fretz of The Church Key, by the by, has been participating in the fundraiser.

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Does The Church Key also serve up vittles of the modern and American sort? It does, should you want to stay at the Sunset Boulevard eatery post-shave and post-shot and dig into dinner there (which is not gratis, but you'll probably feel good sticking around and eating there, what with the restaurant providing shaves at not cost).

Perhaps, over dinner, you can start dreaming up your 'stache appearance for November 2016. That's only eleven months away, Movemberists.

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