California Museums Get Impish in Honor of April 1

You may see extraordinary social posts from the places you adore as April begins.

Carol Yepes

What to Know

  • Attractions around the state are greeting April 1 in a playful and creative way on social media
  • The Museum of Neon Art and The Huntington both posted winky entries on Friday, April 1, 2022
  • Was a phantom seen at The Winchester Mystery House? Hmm...

Honestly, "honestly" isn't a word that's often associated with the first day of the fourth month.

But we must honestly say this: The amazing offerings of the Golden State's many museums, cultural attractions, natural wonders, and offbeat destinations are so astounding throughout the year, prompting us to honestly believe a social post that claims that something extraordinary is afoot at these places.

Honestly, we will, at least for a second or two.


A nearby calendar gently reminds us that the Ultimate Occasion of Impishness, that Holiday of Hoaxery, is happening, and we have to take a breath and accept that playing the fool now and then is an essential human activity.

It's April 1, and a number of gems around Los Angeles, and throughout California, are connecting with their fans with a bit of fool-y fun.

The social posts created for April Fools' Day 2022 are creative, cheerful, and more than a little winky, and we must pause to doff our foolish cap to...

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, which suggested it was changing its world-famous name and entire mission, a surprising transformation inspired by the San Marino property's well-known waterfowl.

The Museum of Neon Art, in Glendale, which just shared an upcoming strength-training program from its schedule, classes that involve lifting vintage signs that often weigh several tons each.

The Catalina Island Conservancy, for having us do a doubletake when it posted that the beloved Catalina Island fox had taken on a new look, one that's reminiscent of another (and much larger) island icon.

The Winchester Mystery House, in San Jose, for its proclamation that a real ghost was seen on a ballroom camera. You'll need to follow the link to see what they shared. Yep.

And the California Wildlife Center, which is based in Malibu? All we can say is that is one huge hummingbird hanging out atop that soda can.

Will other local and regional wildlife groups, parks, attractions, and museums make merry, all to give their followers a gentle guffaw and/or smile?

Keep a calendar close, and remember the date as you scroll, especially when you come across a post that is especially strange, fanciful, and a touch frolicsome.

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