LEGO Artists to Create Adorable Odes to Solvang

Specifically, the beloved bakeries of the Santa Barbara County town will receive the brick-fun treatment.

John Elk/Esin Deniz

What to Know

  • April 2 and 3, 2022 (judging will take place at noon on Sunday)
  • The "town-wide" competition will put the focus on Solvang's famous bakeries
  • Ten tents erected for competitors will be placed around town, and spectators are welcome to watch

What would Solvang be without its world-famous, ultra-yummy, super-charming bakeries?

That's like asking what a LEGO brick would be like without its studs.

The iconic bricks click because of those small studs, as any fan knows, and fans of the Danish town, one of the jewels of Santa Barbara County, click with Solvang, in large part, because of its popular pastry palaces.

It's no surprise that these two terrific concepts will soon "click" over the first weekend of April, as several acclaimed LEGO pros will call upon the hamlet to build picturesque tributes to a quaint quintet: Five of Solvang's celebrated bakeries.

The quirky competition, which will take place at ten builders' tents located throughout the heart of the small and stroll-easy city, is a perfect fit for the town.

After all, Solvang is often called "the Danish capital of the United States, and LEGO got its fabled, super-fun start in Denmark.

"Solvang's Danish roots and authentic heritage seemed the perfect fit for this family-oriented spring event, celebrating one of Denmark's most famous exports," said Scott Shuemake, Executive Producer with Cogs & Marvel, planners and organizers of the inaugural Solvang LEGO Building Competition.

"We're thrilled to have some of the top LEGO block builders in the nation joining us for this fun Danish tribute, and we look forward to welcoming locals and visitors to this first-ever event."

Eager to check out these builders as they create these storybook structures, one bright brick at a time?

Visitors are welcome to pop by the tents, all to see the creative process in action.

If you're planning to spectate, do stop by the build areas between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 2. The judging begins at noon on Sunday, April 3, with an awards ceremony to follow at 1 o'clock.

Will your favorite Solvang sweet shop, recreated with hundreds or perhaps thousands of LEGO bricks, win the top prize of the whimsical weekend?

We're ready to raise our æbleskiver, that doughy puff of bliss that is only further enhanced by a gorgeous glop of gooey jam, to the victor.

Happy LEGO-ing to the Danish capital of America, a pastry-loving place that just "clicks" with the Denmark-founded phenomenon.

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