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CAMP, a Kid-Creative Spot, Opens in SoCal

The "family experience" store, which began on the East Coast in 2018, just unveiled its West Coast flagship.


Calling upon a camp-like setting, complete with atmospheric backdrops, cabin-cute structures, colorful trees, and the sort of outdoorsy details we expect from a woodsy destination usually means that we need to head someplace full of firs, streams, and puffy clouds.

Sometimes, though?

When something enchanting is in the crisp forest air, and there's innovative planning to put that enchantment into action, the woods can sort of sprout in the city, all so tykes can have the playful outing they might discover in a tree-filled setting.

CAMP, the "family experience" company founded on the East Coast in 2018, wanted to bring some of that whimsical woodsy wonder into various metropolises, giving kids places to roam, explore, cavort, and get creative.

And the newest CAMP outpost just debuted in Century City, a 7,000-square-foot "wooded" space that is "(p)art toy store, part activity destination, and all good vibes."

The outdoors-meets-indoors outfit has nine retail locations, including destinations in New York, Massachusetts, and Texas. The Century City CAMP is the company's ninth location, and the West Coast flagship.


What can families find in this novel spin on the traditional toy shop?

The CAMP Canteen area is where the shelves of playthings, books, and games are located, but wait: Did that wall over there just move?

It did, indeed. CAMP includes a "Magic Door," a wall that pivots giving families a surprise entrance to a revolving line-up of kid-cute activities. "Revolving" means that these lively to-dos will change seasonally, giving tots some fresh fun to anticipate during a future visit.


Base CAMP is the first of the adventures to debut, giving kids a chance to "go from cabin to cabin" while enjoying a host of nostalgia-nice pastimes, from craft-making to dance-fun moments. If these activities have a bit of a summer-camp-y air, that's exactly what Base CAMP is all about: Summoning some of that old-school sunshine.

And the Splatter Room, a popular CAMP feature? Aspiring artists are invited to "go full Jackson Pollack" as they festively fling paint onto a canvas (while rocking some splatter-proof garb provided by the team, of course).

Barbie and RVshare also helped "create one-of-a-kind experiences" for the Southern California CAMP, including a Barbie-inspired disco cabin.

For hours, details, and details on what is happening, activity-wise, at the latest CAMP, hike over by this site now.

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