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Celebrate ‘Paw-ther's Day' at LA Animal Services

The emotion is real: Adoption fees for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies will be discounted through the Saturday before Father's Day.


What to Know

  • Discounted adoption fees on dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens through June 19, 2021
  • If you're interested in adopting, you'll be sent an appointment date and time (please wear a mask)
  • Prospective pets are available for viewing on the LA Animal Services site

Father's Day? It's full of classic imagery, the sorts of colorful, cheers-to-you-Pops pictures you'll find on gift bags, greeting cards, and wrapping paper, too.

And while Dad may be devoted to improving his golf game, or grilling great burgers, or enjoying cars, as such graphics often suggest, he can usually be found back at home where he is snuggling the household's #1 superstar, the family member that sports fur, a tail, and a scratchable tummy, too.

Truth? It can't be too long before we see a slew of sweet Father's Day cards covered in kittens, cats, and all sorts of cute canines.

If your Father's Day celebration has been due for such heart-tuggable happiness, and you or your Dad have been thinking of welcoming a new forever family member under your roof, be cheered, be grateful, and be ready to act, for LA Animal Services is discounting its adoption fees in honor of the holiday weekend.

Those fees? You can bring a pup home for $51 (this does not include the license, please note). The adoption fees for puppies is $75, cats are $12.50, and kittens are $25.

Those fees are good through June 19, or Father's Day Eve, keep in mind, so you'll want to get this "Paw-ther's Day" party going early.

Also good to remember? If you do make an appointment to meet a prospective cutie, you'll want to don your mask. You'll also be given the room and time to play with the woofer or meower, to make that all-important connection.

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