‘Cereal-sly Delicious' Ice Cream Is Back at Salt & Straw

Pots of Gold & Rainbows Ice Cream is one of the five fanciful choices on the returning line-up.

Salt & Straw

What to Know

  • Five cereal-themed flavors just launched in early March
  • Pots of Gold & Rainbows Ice Cream and Cornflake Cookies w/ Marionberry jam are two of the cheerful choices
  • The Pints of the Month: Cereal-sly Delicious Series is $65

Cereal is certainly a wonderful food, but calling it a wonder food?

Quibble, we can find none, with such a statement. For those flakes, clusters, marshmallows, and puffs?

It's true that they grow rather magical when milk is added, but they also bring an appetizing element to so many surprising foodstuffs, from casserole toppings to chicken batter to a cookie's satisfying crunch.

And when it comes to ice cream? Yep, it's tastily true: We love to reach for our favorite box of morning crunchies just after we've procured a bowl, an ice cream scoop, and our lucky chilled spoon.

For cereal as an ice cream topper? It's a nummy notion that bowls us over, time and again, the ultimate meeting of an early-in-the-day meal and an after-dinner dessert.

As luck would have it, Salt & Straw has become synonymous with fanciful cereal that's been creatively swirled inside a rich pint of cold and creamy goodness.

We say "synonymous" because the Portland-founded artisanal ice cream company, which now helms scoop shops across Southern California, introduced its Cereal-sly Delicious series in 2021.

Those ice cream flavors have made a merry March return, meaning you can find them at your local Salt & Straw or online.

We say "return," but a few of the cheerful choices possess fresh vibes, giving fans some new taste experiences to anticipate.

The debuting flavors include the Offlimits' Cocoa Puffs 'n Cold Brew, which boasts a salty chocolate bark, and the vegan Peanut Butter Cheer Yo Clusters, which rocks a "chocolate stracciatella-flecked sweet oat cream for a satisfying crunch."

Pots of Gold & Rainbow, an ice cream that's studded with rainbow marshmallows, is making a lucky return engagement, as is the Cornflake Cookies w/ Marionberry Jam ice cream (brown butter is one luscious element).

Rounding out the quirky quintet is Snap & Crackle Marshmallow Treats, a "... magical rendition of marshmallow-y brown butter treats, pressed and toasted into a lacy florentine, churned throughout a malty, toasted graham ice cream."

Are you a cereal, er, serial lover of cereal?

Enjoy all five for $65 via the Pints of the Month offer, but don't wait: Like a tempting bowl of flakes and crunchies, the Cereal-sly Delicious line-up won't be around for long.

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