Christmas Has Arrived at This Famous Corona del Mar Shop

When do the holidays really start in Southern California? When Roger's Gardens unveils its annual baubles-and-bows Christmas Boutique.

Roger's Gardens

What to Know

  • The Christmas Boutique opens Oct. 9
  • Free to see
  • 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road in Corona del Mar

Those people who are in the know about Noel know that there are a lot of strong opinions when it comes to the holidays.

And if you get a few Southern California-based Christmas lovers talking? You'll likely hear a few different, strongly worded takes about when the yuletide season officially arrives in our region.

Is it when the World's Biggest Bow is placed atop Citadel Outlets? Or The Grove's mega fir pulls up to the mid-city shopping center? Or when the first pair of red-and-green Minnie ears are seen around Anaheim?

Discuss among yourselves, but plenty of locals will turn their gewgaw-loving gaze upon Corona del Mar for the first sparkly sign that the Santa-iest season is on the holiday-packed horizon.

It's Roger's Gardens we speak of here, the outdoor-and-more wonderland that has been helping Southern Californians feather their nests for 55 years.

It's a place known for its pretty plants, yes, but also its multi-room seasonal decoration displays.

True, Halloween is still a few weeks out on the calendar, but when early October dawns at the spacious shop, it is all about Santa figurines, floofy wreaths, candles redolent of December, snowman-bedecked greeting cards, handsome nutcrackers, and ornaments aplenty.

And all of that, and so much more, will go on view on Friday, Oct. 9, when the Roger's Gardens Christmas Boutique makes its 2020 debut.

Something to know, if this is your first time fa-la-la-ing around the property?

The "boutique" in the name means that the baubles, bows, and everything else that sparkles and shines is for sale.

So you'll want to visit earlier, rather than near Christmas, if you'd like to see it in its full and festive presentation.

Though given its size and grandeur, the Christmas Boutique remains cheerful and oh-so-lovely throughout the weeks leading into December, so fret not about when you can and do go.

Want to have a peek around the expansive set-up before you visit? There's a 3D walk-through of the 2020 displays up on the site now.

Do you want to pause here and make a cup of peppermint cocoa before you explore?

We get it.

It can feel, on some days, like the holidays can't arrive quickly enough in 2020, so throw on your favorite carols, heat up the cocoa, and indulge in your yuletide obsessions now.

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