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Claws for Celebration: SoCal's Beloved Dino Hall Turns 10

Wish this spectacular Natural History Museum space a happy 10th during Dino Fest.

Gina Cholick

What to Know

  • Dino Fest happens in-person on Sept. 26 at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (there's a virtual event on Sept. 25)
  • The museum's Dinosaur Hall will be marking its 10th anniversary during the activity-filled festival
  • Advance tickets are required to the Sept. 26 event

A decade?

It can seem to take a long, long, loooong time to pass, especially when you're a kid.

But many youngsters begin to learn about the nature of time, the pace of history, and various ancient epochs when they begin to love dinosaurs.

For discovering that these mega beasts once lived where we do, only way, way, way before any of us were ever here? Call it an early and profound lesson in exactly how we comprehend the passage of years, centuries, and millennia, too.

So surely your tot who digs dinosaur digs, and everything to do with T. Rex, and all the 'saurus-related science, will understand this: One of our city's most ancient-minded spaces, the celebrated Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, is marking its first decade.

And how better to celebrate ten titan-strong, teeth-big years than with a fascinating festival? That's exactly what will happily happen on Sunday, Sept. 26 when Dino Fest stomps into the Exposition Park museum.

As with bygone bashes, this Dino Fest will feature a host of paleontologists, pros who know all about the colossal critters who roamed our planet millions of years ago.

Gina Cholick

Look also for hands-on happenings, the sort of roll-up-your-sleeves pursuits that help aspiring paleontologists dig in deeper into the world of dinosaur-related fun.

Activities are free with your Natural History Museum admission, but you'll need to book that ticket in advance, before you stomp, stomp, stomp for the world-famous institution.

But slow your stomp for a moment: If you're seeking at-home fun, one that has plenty of paleo-style cool, Dino Fest will be going virtual on Saturday, Sept. 25.

And here's something as nifty as a brontosaurus is tall: Another ancient animal, one that is still around today, will be in the museum's silky-web'd spotlight starting on Sept. 26.

It's arachnids we're talking about here, another set of amazing earthlings that can trace their family tree back millions of years. If you're intrigued by eight-legged wonders and all of the important roles they play in the ecosystem, make for Spider Pavilion, which opens just outside the Natural History Museum on Sept. 26.

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