Corgis: Beach Day to Draw Pups Aplenty

Caboodles of the low-to-the-ground cuties will gallivant at Huntington Dog Beach.

Ask any corgi you know to pick out her favorite corgi-themed viral video, and you might be on the receiving end of a few innocent blinks and a lot of licks.

Inquire with a corgi about what corgi-based item he likes best, be it corgi plushies or corgi t-shirts or purses shaped like corgi posteriors, and he may not answer, choosing, instead, to jump upon your lap.

In short? The short-of-legs, wriggly-of-behinds superstars don't realize how they've pretty much dominated the vast land of online videos and memes. They just want to eat treats, take naps, and, on occasion, join hundreds of other corgis for some romping on the beach.

That auspicious and awww-spicious occasion is set for Saturday, April 8, which is the Spring 2017 So Cal Corgi Beach Day at Huntington Dog Beach.

Truly, even if you never seek out dog snapshots, or watch pup-related news, you've probably seen this particular event, as it has become, in recent years, something of a marquee meet-up among people wild for pups.

Thank the general air of beach-close cuteness among the corgis for its enduring popularity, and the colorful costumes — "tiki" is the April 8 theme — and the imagery of stout, sand-adjacent woofers running near the surf.

The camaraderie among Southern Californian corgi mavens is also a nice thing, and adds to the community connectiveness of the pretty day out.

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A talent contest, a costume competition, a new cupcake-eating contest (they're coconut), the smile-summoning corgi limbo contest aaaaand bacon-flavored bubbles are all on the docket of the five-hour festivity.

Bacon-flavored bubbles. Those exist in the world.

It's a festivity that will soon be online, via oodles of photographs and videos and memes, just you wait. Corgis are dominating our online lives, alongside piano-playing kittens and famous giraffes and unusual animal friendships, and their big ocean fun day at Huntington Dog Beach only ups their sweet celebrity.

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