CPK to Thank Our Firefighters with a Free Meal

Stop by your local California Pizza Kitchen in your uniform, or with identification, and enjoy a complimentary pizza, pasta or salad on Nov. 26.

What to Know

  • Tuesday, Nov. 26
  • Participating CPK restaurants
  • A free pizza, pasta, or salad from a special menu, plus an iced tea or fountain drink

Thanking the people who so bravely and ably respond to fires, without hesitation or a second thought, is something many of us strive to do throughout the year.

But come that week we set aside for extreme gratitude? The moment when we grow especially contemplative about finding a way to show our thanks?

That feels like a prime time to go the distance.

And California Pizza Kitchen will do just that, on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

The pie-perfecting chain is inviting firefighters throughout California to visit their local restaurant for a free pizza or pasta.

If you're thinking of the big meal you'll soon enjoy on Thanksgiving, you can also go with an entrée salad.

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There's a special menu designed for the day, with several choices to pick from, including The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, Thai Crunch Salad, and several other offerings.

A complimentary glass of freshly brewed ice tea or a fountain drink is also included in the give-back event.

What to know before you go? You'll want to arrive in uniform or with identification that reveals your active service, or that you are a retired firefighter.

This offer covers dine-in only, so plan to eat at the restaurant.

And while many CPKs are participating, those located at airports, universities, and stadiums are not. Check in with your local restaurant if you want to be sure.

It's a day "... (t)o show appreciation for the brave men and women who work tirelessly to keep our beautiful home state safe."

It's a time to reflect upon gratitude. So thank you, firefighters, for all you do.

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