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David Bowie Nite at Echoplex

Join other fans in remembering the legend.

Millions of fans have had David Bowie's immense and complex catalog of works on constant rotation over since news of his death on Sunday, Jan. 10.

Of course, those works were likely in heavy rotation already, for the ageless artist had woven himself not only into the hearts, minds, and imaginations of multiple generations, but into their favorite playlists, too.

If Ziggy and Major Tom and all of Mr. Bowie's incandescent incarnations have settled deep into your consciousness, turn your capsule towards Echo Park, if you dare, for a tribute night hosted by Andy Rourke of The Smiths on Sunday, Jan. 17.

In a curious bit of timing -- much to do with David Bowie is wonderfully curious and mysteriously timed, of course -- the evening was on the calendar as a birthday celebration, an annual confab regularly hosted by the Echo Park venue and Mr. Rourke.

Of course, now it'll serve as both that foreplanned birthday fete -- Mr. Bowie turned 69 on Jan. 8, just days before his passing -- and something of a music-packed memorial to the artist who broke every boundary he encountered.

A joyful, songful, space-tastic birthday memorial, of course, one that KCRW calls "serendipitously bittersweet" (words that so aptly sum up what is sure to be a multi-emotion'd experience). 

While there are sure to be more tribute shows down the road, and a host of artists taking on a cover or two in concerts to come -- the echoplex gathering is an immediate way to commune with those whose lives were changed by the extraordinary artist, just like yours has been. 

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No need to don a "Ashes to Ashes"-style harlequin outfit, or something very Goblin King, if a Bowie-style wardrobe isn't in your closet. Or do dress up, if you feel like it: Fashion and form were, and are, part of his giant legacy.

Tickets? They're zooming away, spaceship-style, as you can imagine. 

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