Deals and Giveaways Festoon Pasadena 626 Day

Venues around the Crown City are ready to welcome back shoppers and diners with a host of perks and Pas-perfect details.

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What to Know

  • Saturday, June 26
  • Dozens of Pasadena businesses are participating, from Neon Retro Arcade to Vroman's Bookstore
  • Raffles, discounts, and other hello-again goodies are part of the one-day celebration

Rolling out the red carpet to returning visitors? Pulling out all the various stops and bubbling up all of the primo perks?

Finding fresh and fun ways to reconnect with the shoppers, diners, and valued customers you haven't seen in several months?

Stores, restaurants, museums, and other venues around Southern California, and beyond, are searching for innovative and authentic ways to do just that right now, with special events and other happenings popping up on the calendars of various business districts and destinations.

The Crown City is one of those places with an especially full calendar coming up, thanks to Pasadena 626 Day.

It's flowering, like a rose, on Saturday, June 26, and no reservations, tickets, or advance bookings will be required.

Simply stop by your favorite shops, or new eateries you've been wanting to check out, and see all of the customer-pleasing goodies afoot.

Those might be giveaways, or discounts, or raffle entries, depending upon where you land.

The Huntington Store is offering 10% off that day, both online and in the store, while Vroman's Bookstore will present you a complimentary tote when you spend $50 or more.

Blaze Pizza is offering a two-topping pizza for, wait for it, $6.26, while Amara Chocolate & Coffee will have a Guava & Blue Agave Lemonade for $1.99 (regular price: $4.25).

You can find deals and discounts in Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Attractions, and more on this page.

Have you missed sauntering down Colorado Boulevard, and the quaint alleyways and side streets of the city, all while keeping an eye out for cool gewgaws, whimsical wearables, and other items, foods, and experiences that appeal?

Pasadena 626 Day is the city's big and hearty "welcome back," a celebration that is about reconnecting with longtime fans and showing new visitors the area's plentiful charms.

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