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Dino-mite: Universal Adds a Third ‘Jurassic' Party

The first two evenings, built around the 25th anniversary of "Jurassic Park," sold out.

What to Know

  • Sunday, May 13
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • $69; $129 day + event combo

We're stomping into several different seasons right now, from the season o' graduations, to the sweet season of Mother's Day, to the Forceful season of May the Fourth, to a celebratory season known as Cinco de Mayo.

But when May begins? You can bet you're definitely entering the always desired "New Night Added" season.

For it is just around this time, when summery doings begin to sprout, that special events that are sure to sell out, well, sell out, in a jiffy, and venues kindly proceed to add a second night, or even a third, for those fans who didn't jump on the opportunity in lickety-split fashion.

It just happened with "Star Wars" Nite, at Disneyland, when the May 3 filled up fast (May 9 was added). 

And now? What's that roar in the distance? But not too far in the distance? It's a third night for the big "Jurassic Park" 25th Anniversary Celebration at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The initially scheduled nights, May 11 and 12, filled up as fast as a raptor runs, so the theme park kindly added another evening to the monstrous mix: Sunday, May 13.

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Will the 1993 blockbuster screen? Roar.

Are guests invited to dress as their favorite scientists and/or dinos from the film, all to compete in a contest? Double roar.

May you ride the marvelously moist, terrifically T-Rex'd ride during the event?Triple roar.

Can you roam an "interactive display area," admire original maquettes and costumes from the movie, and behold that amazing Gyrosphere seen on screen? Screech. (We were overdoing it on the "roars" before, so we had to go with another dino-type call. You understand.)

The cost of a ticket is $69, unless you want to arrive at the theme park earlier in the day. Then it is $129.

Will you show up dressed as the jovial John Hammond, complete with his Panama hat and handsome beard, to ride rides all day, even before the "Jurassic" event begins?

We mean... why wouldn't you?

Like the nights that precede it, May 13 is sure to sell out in the blink of a pterodactyl's eye, so swish your large scaly tail not. Best be on that purchase, pronto, and if you need a Gyrosphere to take you there, then fire it up, now.

Details? We're lifting a claw and pointing it in this helpful direction. Don't be scared. There are only, like, a few raptors awaiting your arrival.

Just a few. Probably. Maybe?

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