LA Tourism's ‘Magic Hour' Livestreams Are Back

The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board will again deliver sunsets to our screens. Something new this time around? Local musicians are providing the stirring soundtracks.

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What to Know

  • Dec. 17-20, 2020
  • Each show begins at 4:15 p.m.
  • The west-facing camera is located at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

Connecting with our region's fabled "Magic Hour," those 60 sublime minutes of sunset-based bliss, has long been a regular practice for those who need a bit of reflection, beauty, and pause in their hectic days.

Finding a way to bask in the daily sunset, though, has proven a bit harder in 2020, due to pandemic closures, distancing guidelines, and such.

But the Los Angeles Convention & Tourism Board wanted to make it easier for Southern Californians, and people well beyond our area, to find the joy in the day's final rays.

So a nightly "Magic Hour" livestream was introduced in April 2020.

The west-facing camera, placed at a hotel in Venice, caught the sun dipping down into the ocean, giving at-home viewers a taste of an experience they love.

The series came to a close after several weeks, but it is returning for a limited-time engagement, all to rekindle that sunset-sweet feeling.

But something fresh this go-around? The series will also spotlight superb local musicians.

You can hear those artists perform, while watching the sun bid us adieu, from Dec. 17 through 20, 2020.

The camera's new location? The very way-up-there rooftop of the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown.

Adding to the atmosphere of evening's ethereal approach will be four solo musical performances, one for each night of the run.

Dustin Seo Director of Musical Programs for Street Symphony, a music group based on Skid Row, will perform on Dec. 17.

Nancy Sanchez of Los Colibri, the all-female mariachi band, is the Magic Hour headliner on Dec. 18, while Strauss Shi of Melody of China explores traditional Chinese music on Dec. 19.

And Kimiko Daniels of South Side Symphony, a musical organization that's "passionate about Black Music" as well as "collaborating with young creatives in Dance and Film," will be in the sound-celebratory spotlight on the final night of the series.

Keep in mind that sunsets are happening early these days, very early, as we approach the shortest day of the year on Dec. 21.

So be sure to sign into the show starting at 4:15 p.m., and turn up your speakers, too, all to connect with the light to the west and some of the best music Southern California artists are making.

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