Discovery Science Center Heads for the Valley

A scientific Santa Ana staple makes plans to open in LA.

The great cube near the 5 Freeway in Santa Ana has been a Southern California science destination for kids since it debuted back in the 1980s. Dinosaurs? Check. The wonders of engineering? Yep. A whole archeology program built around Indiana Jones? It has that. And it's beloved, end-of-the-year gingerbread exhibit? That's there, too.

It's one of the top-line kid-focused science centers around, and now there will be another. Call it DSC-LA, and let those last two letters guide you as to where it will be: Los Angeles; specifically, the San Fernando Valley.

The Los Angeles City Council "voted for and approved funding and finance allocation directed towards the Discovery Science Center (DSC) to manage and operate the former Children's Museum of Los Angeles," the science center said a statement released on Dec. 17.

Hands-on exhibits, a gallery devoted to California's Science Standards, and a 4D Theater will fill the two-story, 58,000-square-foot space.

The center will be near Hansen Dam. No open date has been given. The Children's Museum was "nearly never completed after the original non-profit operator of the facility went bankrupt in 2009, leaving an incomplete building on the site of Hanson Dam," the science center said. The mayor and Councilmember Richard Alarcon joined forces on seeing the center through to open.

Will the Discovery Science Center's signature cube make a showing in the San Fernando Valley? The preliminary illustration on the press release suggests this is likely to be the case.

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