Dive into World Ocean Day at Aquarium of the Pacific

A host of activities will splash into the watery side of our planet and how we humans can treat the Big Water well.

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 8
  • Long Beach
  • Included with aquarium admission

Every single day, throughout the day, we're doing something with water.

That could be filling a glass to drink, or setting a pot to boil, or running a bath, or topping off our dog's bowl.

But the Big Water? As in, the colossal expanse of salty H2O that's home to oodles of earthlings, and also serves the health of our planet in incredibly essential ways?

So often, if we don't exactly take it for granted, we can think of the ocean as being "out there," apart from us, much bigger than us, and not in our personal realm of doing-anything-about-it-ness.

World Ocean Day, which flows into our lives on Saturday, June 8, is ready to au-contraire us on that attitude. And even if we're not at all apathetic about the state of the ocean, we can too often think of the ocean, and all that it represents, as an "other."

It is, of course, definitely on our team, one of us, even, and a critical part of our watery world.

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In this spirit, Aquarium of the Pacific event invites ocean-obsessed landlubbers to "... show your love for the ocean, learn more about the ways people rely on the ocean, and find out how human activity impacts ocean life" via a variety of educational stations. 

Will the critically endangered vaquita also bask in the World Ocean Day spotlight? Count on it, as the Long Beach-based aquarium is a fervent advocate of the small porpoise.

General admission to the aquarium is your way into this watery expanse of education-strong amazingness.

And, nope, we know that you know that the ocean isn't an "other" for we humans, just because we happen to reside on the land and not within its waves.

It's the biggest part of our home turf, covering some 70% of our space orb, meaning all we can do on its behalf, and those critters that call it home, should be the very least we can do.

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