Don't-Move-a-Muscle Auditions Ahead for Pageant of the Masters

Here's your opportunity to play a part in the long-running Laguna Beach lark.

What to Know

  • Irvine Bowl in Laguna Beach
  • Jan. 5-7, 2018 Casting Call
  • The 2018 event runs from July 7 through Sept. 1

The go, go, go, go, go faster, go further, hurry harder aspect of the holidays?

It's all completely true and happens everywhere. We see it in our friends' lives, in the day-to-days of our relatives, and even mythologized in the movies.

What would "Home Alone" be without the McCallister family sprinting through the airport or George Bailey dashing through the streets of Bedford Falls in "It's a Wonderful Life"? A lot less breathless, is what.

Which means that looking forward to a few still, quiet moments after the holidays wrap is a widely shared experience. And no stiller moments can be found than in Laguna Beach over the first weekend of January 2018.

That's when tryouts for the long-running Pageants of the Masters will happen, and when we say "long-running" we do not imply that this event in runs in any manner, for it does not. Rather, it stays frozen in place, statue-like, which is probably its most famous characteristic.

But it isn't just a game of Statues, the kind of game many of us played in the schoolyard; rather, the 85-year-old on-stage spectacular recreates iconic art masterpieces with real people.

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The tryout dates? Friday, Jan. 5 through Sunday, Jan. 7. The dates you'll need to be available in the summertime, should you nab a role? July 7 is the kick-off and it all wraps on Sept. 1, 2018.

Can you hold incredibly still, with no nose twitching, or elbow scratching, or hip adjusting, for several minutes, all while wearing the clothing seen from another decade or century? The kind of apparel painted by a famous artist?

This could be your moment to really, really, totally chill from all of the holiday rush-rush. Find the info you need on these one-of-a-kind auditions now.

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