Dozens of TV Stars Get Chatty in Person

Tickets are still available for "Community," "Revolution," and more.

Long-running television series can enter our daily DNA in a way that movies often do not.

It's part of the old argument regarding TV films: Which impact our lives the most? Which stay with us? What boasts true quality and what will last in the pantheon of pop culture?

There are many prisms to this long-in-the-tooth discussion, for sure, but here's one indisputable fact: We're with our favorite television characters for more time, often spending hours with them over several years. Movies might come close -- we're looking at you, "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" -- but television has a weekly persistence that movies haven't yet matched.

Enter PaleyFest, the annual event that speaks directly to our love and connection with the television characters we see weekly and the series that stick around.

What is PaleyFest, exactly? It's the springtime, TV-focused series from The Paley Center for Media. Various casts and creative types take the stage to Q&A, take fan questions, and share anecdotes about shows.

And these are major shows, high in the ratings or building in buzz or fan devotion. This year includes "Community," "The Mindy Project," and "Revolution." PaleyFest nights are known for selling out pretty quickly, but there are tickets available for most nights, save "The Walking Dead," "The Big Bang Theory," and "Once Upon a Time."

The series runs from Friday, March 1 through Friday, March 15 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

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So debate on, debaters, about what holds more water in this town: movies or television. Here's our last word on the topic: They both win in different ways. Now can we change the channel on this subject? Thank you.

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