Earth Day

Earth Day Glows on at Our Solar-Powered Ferris Wheel

The Pacific Wheel is temporarily closed to visitors, but you can watch the famous Ferris wheel shimmer green and blue from home.


What to Know

  • Sunset (7:31 p.m. to midnight)
  • Live cam show is free
  • The attraction is temporarily closed to the public

We put a lot of love into our Earth Day observances, from the kid-cool educational happenings, to the inspired posts we share with friends, to the donations we make to organizations, to committing to volunteer for a natural reserve or animal center.

But when it comes to Earth Night?

The celebrations can trail off a bit, after the sun goes down. And festivals, in past years, had a way of shuttering long before the moon appeared.

There is, however, one rather whimsical way to mark Earth Night, during this stay-at-home time: By tuning into the live cam that watches the Pacific Wheel at Pacific Park.

The Pacific Wheel is, of course, the world's only solar-powered Ferris wheel, which makes its Earth Day tribute, each and every year, especially fitting.

What will all of those LED lights be up to on April 22, 2020?

They'll be shimmering in hues of both green and blue to mark the planet-aware occasion. A number of patterns and icons, paying planetary homages, will also glitter grandly between sundown and midnight.

It's all free to see on the live cam.

There are 174,000 LED lights in all, which lend the sparkle show a richness. The Pacific Wheel's towering height? Count 'em up: The attraction stands at around nine stories high.

And the system making all of that sparkle "...features 16.7 million color value combinations while the programming and display software presents imaging up to 24 frames per second to display dynamic, custom, computer-generated lighting entertainment."

Pretty dang cool, especially when you consider that the sun lends its epic energy to the experience. Check in on this sun-meets-fun landmark from home on the evening of April 22, and celebrate Earth Night in fancifully Ferris-tastic fashion.

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