Eclipse Fun: Make a Pinhole Camera at LAPL

It's time to make those pinhole cameras, astronomy aficionados.

If there was a solar eclipse on the horizon, back when you were a schoolkid, you could pretty much count on one thing: You and your classmates would spend some time fashioning nifty, and important, pinhole cameras.

Because we want to witness the marvel of an eclipse without that whole staring-directly-at-our-nearest-star part.

And pinhole cameras and projectors, those ingenious, quick-to-construct devices, allow us to experience an eclipse, safely, without too much prep time or expense.

So how to prepare for the Monday, Aug. 21 eclipse if you currently do not have a teacher handing you the necessary supplies to create your very own pinhole camera?

The Los Angeles Public Library can help. And while the solar eclipse as seen from Southern California won't be full — you'll need to head into the eclipse's pathway, further north, into Oregon or points elsewhere — we can still get into the cosmic swing of things down here.

Not only are there are couple of pinhole camera/projector-related workshops on the library system's upcoming calendar, but a number of other eclipse-oriented happenings are just ahead at various branches, including a Pre-Solar Eclipse Party for teenagers and Celebrate the Solar Eclipse and Send a Message for Science gathering that's an all-ages event.

And, of course, there will be multiple viewing parties on Monday, Aug. 21.

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The best course of action right now? Check to see what eclipse-related get-together appeals to you, what branch it is at, and if the event is tailored to kids, seniors, adults, or teens or everyone who'd like to attend.

If you want to create a pinhole camera, you'll want to check out the Tuesday, Aug. 15 event at the Hyde Park Miriam Matthews Branch Library. The Wednesday, Aug. 16 to-do is at the Venice Abbot Kinney Memorial Branch Library is about creating a pinhole projector.

On the day of the eclipse, other spots around our region'll get into the astronomical action, including, notably, Griffith Observatory.

But if you just can't wait, and you and your youngsters want to have some eclipse-fun craft enjoyment, and learn a few nifty facts, the Los Angeles Public Library system is glad to help out.

Eye the whole calendar, eclipse lovers, well ahead of Aug. 21.

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