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1000 Journals Project Opens

Over a dozen art-and-word-filled books go on display.



    1000 Journals Project Opens
    Skirball Cultural Center
    The 1000 Journals Project opens at the Skirball Cultural Center on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

    Do you remember that childhood game of making a drawing, and then passing it along to the kid in the next desk, so that child could add a little something to what you've done? And then they, in turn, pass it on?

    The 1000 Journals Project doesn't work exactly that way, but when a multitude of people add art and words to a single book, it is hard not to think of the piece of paper from the spiral notebook getting passed around.

    Artist Brian Singer started passing around blank books a decade back, and, since then, many people have doodled and swirled and added poetry and added thoughts along the way. And, on Tuesday, Oct. 5, over a dozen -- fifteen, to be precise -- of those journals went on display at the Skirball Cultural Center.

    The story of the journals is fascinating; they've traveled hither and yon. We also like that the Skirball will have a computer peek at the books not on display. The exhibit is running through February 13 of next year, and admission is $10. Clearly, if you take someone for a birthday or special occasion, you'll need to give them a blank book as well.