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Gate Opens Eyes

A large-scale piece is back on display.



    Gate Opens Eyes
    2009 Museum Associates/LACMA
    Do Ho Suh's "Gate" is on display at LACMA.

    Several pieces have stayed with us, and many people, from the Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists From Korea, an exhibit that ran at the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art last year.

    One piece was "Fallen Star 1/5" from artist Do Ho Suh. If you saw the work -- a building and small house colliding -- you knew that the artist had an affinity for architecture, and the ability to show how even prosaic buildings and physical objects seen daily can represent emotion and times long past.

    The artist's "Gate" is another grand-scale architectural sculpture, this time done in silk and stainless steel tubing. "Gate" recalls an actual gate in Seoul, Do Ho Suh's hometown, and both its monumental scale and ghostly beauty are remarkable. It is, in fact, the size of the gate it recalls.

    LACMA notes this is only the second time "Gate" has been shown since arriving at the museum. It's on display in the Korean art galleries.