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One Weekend, Four Different Festive Trains

Jump on the North Pole Express, or the Santa Shopper.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Dale Bolms
    The Fillmore & Western has a bevy of holiday trains to hop on over the Dec. 17-19 weekend.

    Sure, it is nice to see Santa, especially if he pats his knee and invites you to tell him all the things you've been wanting.

    But the moment Santa sets one giant, shiny-black-booted foot onto a train, things change. There are a few more sparkles in the air, and the proceedings get just a bit more storybookish (perhaps this is because Santa and trains are indeed to the stuff of many a kid's tale).

    The Fillmore & Western Railway has gone from entering people's dreams to making dreams come true, thanks to a bevy of decorated cars and appearances by a certain St. Nick. The Fillmore-based train kicked off its holiday trains a couple of weeks back, but, come the weekend of Friday, Dec. 17-Sunday, Dec. 19, there will be four different rides to choose from.

    There's the Santa Shopper. The North Pole Express. Dinner with Santa. And a Murder Mystery Dinner Train, which we suppose isn't *exactly* Christmasy, but we'll call it a staple of the grown-up New Year's party season.

    Get details on times and prices and what happens on each of the Fillmore trains. Who is riding all four?