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Ralphie, Red Ryder, and a Classic on the Big Screen



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    You've seen it plenty on television; now see "A Christmas Story" on the big screen, on Monday, December 22 and Tuesday, December 23.

    Is it impossible to see "A Christmas Story," the great film directed by Bob Clark, written by Jean Shepherd and starring a bespectacled Peter Billingsley, and not instantly love it and want to watch it every holiday season at least three times? We think it might be. ArcLight -- both Hollywood and Sherman Oaks -- gets that, and, to feed the need, is showing this seasonal staple, which turns 25 this year, on the big screen.

    For a movie that really came to prominence through years and years of cable showings, a big-screen treatment is special indeed. Imagine, the tongue-stuck-on-the-icy-pole moment presented large. The giant lady-leg lamp made much huger. The whole bunny suit, and the mean department-store Santa, all bigger than what you've seen on your small box at home. It's a colorful movie colorfully told, which makes it the perfect flick to watch in a theater.

    Everyone has their favorite scenes and quotes -- we're partial to the whole piggy-in-the-kitchen gigglefest -- so the screenings are sure to be convivial, filled with merry fans of one of the merriest movies ever. One screening at the Hollywood location is already sold out, so definitely get those tickets ahead of time if you want to join the frosty fun (and be careful about putting an eye out).

    "A Christmas Story"

    ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood: Monday, December 22, 10:30PM (8PM sold out)
    6360 W. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

    ArcLight Cinemas Sherman Oaks: Tuesday, December 23, 7:30PM
    15301 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks