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The Spicy-Sweet Apple Sisters Boast A-Peel



    The Spicy-Sweet Apple Sisters Boast A-Peel
    The Apple Sisters
    No caramel drizzle or chopped nuts required: The Apple Sisters have the sweetness (and the satire) going on, on Wednesday, February 11.

    There are few things we like better than a sassy, tell-it-like-it-is duo, except maybe a sassy, you-go-girl trio. (Yep, we're thinking of the Parton-Fonda-Tomlin triumvirate from "9 to 5" -- weren't you?) And when you add gumption to the sassy, paint us pleased.

    The full-of-pluck, straight from the Big Apple Apple Sisters have got gumption, buckets of it, and how; this comedy-purveying threesome has a semi-wholesome, retro vibe -- think '40s hairdos and gee-whiz antics -- with a contemporary (read: edgy) sensibility. Can corn really substitute for candy, though? The Apple Sisters says it can, so we believe them. 

    Funny-loving fans can expect a bright pink Valentine's thread running through the gingham-and-guffaws proceedings; the title is, after all, "Be Mine -- Or Else." Okay, okay already!

    Wednesday, February 11, 8PM. $5 (reservations recommended)
    Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 5919 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles