La Cañada Flintridge

Explore Ethereal Soundscapes at Descanso Gardens

Visitors to the La Cañada Flintridge destination can experience "Tonalism (in Space)."

MirageC/Mitch Diamond
  • "Tonalism (in Space)" is included with daytime admission; the nighttime event on June 11 is $25 (you can get yours ahead of time)
  • The "immersive" installations from dublab add an unusual aural dimension to the lush garden
  • June 9 through 12, 2022

Does sunshine emit a hum, a roar, or the softest whisper in the universe?

The sound of sunshine may seem to be a fanciful concept, though basking in a beam while soaking in the soft sights of a garden can seem to create an offbeat symphony of sorts.

A buzzing of a nearby bee, the distant sound of feet crunching on gravel, and the way some leaves seem to go click-click when a strong breeze passes through a tree's branches are all sunny sounds, the ear-pleasing elements of being outdoors.

There are ways, though, to up the aural etherealness of a flowery setting, and Descanso Gardens will explore some of those pretty and perceptible pathways during "Tonalism (in Space)."

The listen-closer lark will layer lovely sounds at the La Cañada Flintridge destination from June 9 through 12, 2022.

The ever-inventive dublab is the creative outfit behind the sound installations.

Music (it is ambient), sound baths, crystal bowls, and meditative moments will add further depth to the auditory adventure.

Tina Orduno Calderon will also "... share stories and songs with guests at Descanso Gardens as well as speak about the revival of the Tongva language and the fluidity of culture which is integrally connected to language and place."

"Tonalism (in Space)" is included with your daytime admission to Descanso Gardens, but if you'd like to attend the June 11 happening, which will unfold from 6 p.m. through to 1 in the morning?

That is a separate ticket, priced at $25. You can find yours here.

The eclectic evening party finds its inspiration in artists like Terry Riley, John Cage, and Yoko Ono, and guests are invited to show with pillows and sleeping bags, the better to settle in and soak in the sound.

So what is the sound of sunshine, if you had to describe it? Can moonlight create vibrations that are detectable, if you listen very, very closely?

Ponder how we greet the natural world when fresh notes are added to the mix, and if this changes our adventures outdoors, at Descanso Gardens.

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