Fair Foods, at the Fair and Beyond

Spaghetti ice cream is on the menu in Pomona. Mmm.

All of our Southern California fairs are nicely distinctive. San Diego's is (horse)-cheek-by-jowl with the racetrack, Riverside has a whole lot of dates, and Ventura is rife with sweet ocean air. But the foods served within each fair sometimes tell more of the story.

Take the Orange County Fair, which offered up the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe earlier this summer. The Costa Mesa midway spectacular opened well over a month ago, and yet we can't get it out of our minds.

We can't. No. We really, really cannot.

But we must make room for all the culinary delights, fried and not-fried, of the LA County Fair. Yep, the fried foods tend to get the major spotlight -- fried pickles wrapped in bacon have a way of doing that -- but let's love on a few newer additions.

Like? Well, spaghetti ice cream, for one. This seems like it shall be instantly popular with younger fair goers, right? The Pomona party is also introducing a new "craft beer experience" for this outing. It has done very well in offering award-winning regional brews in years past, so a full experience intrigues.

And old stand-bys like deep-fried Kool-Aid and maple bacon donuts are back. Oh yes there are. Will you eat them both together? Make sure you document it, social media-style, to prove you did.

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But fair-type foods are extending further and further beyond the borders of the fairgrounds. Exhibit A? Burger boutique chain Slater's 50/50 is introducing the Donut Burger this fall. It's the famous 50/50 burger -- that's beef and bacon -- plus an egg and cheese. The bun? Why it is two glazed donuts.

Yes it is.

That's fairly fair-y, but it just goes to show that eaters like a bit of novelty all year long in their cuisine. You can definitely find it through Sept. 29 in Pomona. Happy spaghetti ice cream eating, eating adventurer.

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