Family Films, Cool Classics to Shine at Cinespia's Drive-in

Make for the Greek and catch "Toy Story," "The Neverending Story," and other flicks in the days ahead.

Thomas Winz

What to Know

  • Griffith Park
  • $45 per car (up to four people)
  • "Toy Story," "Chicago," "The Neverending Story," "Empire Records" are all coming up

Lighter nights can feel sort of summer-ish to the soul, even if temperatures tell us otherwise.

Still? We're clamoring to connect with some of the free-spirited-ness of the season that most embodies, or, er, emseasons that particular quality.

And few activities embrace that get-outside-a-tude, or at least sit-in-your-car-a-tude, like a drive-in cinema.

There've been several sweet choices around Southern California over the last eight or nine months, including those drive-ins produced by companies already well-versed in the pleasures of outdoor movie enjoyment.

Take Cinespia, which is synonymous with cinematic events staged at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. It's an outfit that knows how to put on an entertaining evening, even if you're in your front seat and not on a picnic blanket.

And that's just what is happening over a few March nights outside The Greek Theatre in Griffith Park.

The Cinespia Drive-in has returned, with "Toy Story," "Chicago," "The Neverending Story," and "Empire Records" in tow. The dates? Check out the last two weekends of March to find out when your favorite film of the four is playing.

Of course, those flicks won't all flicker on the same night, so you will have to choose which movies you'd like to see.

The price is per vehicle — it's $45, which covers up to four people — and you'll want to preorder any "sumptuous snacks" (which are, yep, "delivered right to your car").

The drive-in, which also boasts DJ sets, is presented by Amazon Studios and Home Video.

Face coverings when you depart your car for the restrooms? Bring yours. Studying up on the safety protocols before you purchase a ticket? You can do so now.

Summer's still a season away, but spring is almost here, meaning we can sort-of-kind-of jumpstart the easy-breeziest season with a night at the drive-in.

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