‘Fantasmic!' Returns to Cast Its Sweet Spell

The nighttime spectacular is back in Frontierland and ready to summon magical memories.

Disneyland park is super-celebrated for its sights, its sounds, its snacks, and its superstars, from Minnie Mouse to Donald Duck to Goofy to all of the crown-sporting royals who regally appear in the parades.

But there are other things that fans instantly associate with The Happiest Place on Earth, specifically certain phrases that can be heard inside the attractions and during various spectaculars.

"Your attention please, the Disneyland Limited, now leaving for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom" is part of the loudspeaker-based lore of the Disneyland Railroad, while the cheerfully chilling "when hinges creak in doorless chambers" is forever associated with entering the Haunted Mansion.

And when Mickey Mouse, magically attired in his Sorcerer's Apprentice robe, says "some imagination, huh?!"

Fans know they're watching "Fantasmic!," the nighttime spectacular that began materializing in the park's Frontierland three decades ago.

The elaborate production, which features thrilling, character-driven action, dramatic cameos by the Mark Twain Riverboat and Sailing Ship Columbia, musical interludes, a dazzling array of effects (including pyrotechnics), and, yes, Mickey squaring off a certain fire-breathing interloper, closed in the spring of 2020, along with the Anaheim theme park, a response to the early pandemic.

When Disneyland reopened at the end of April 2021, "Fantasmic!" remained temporarily shuttered, as did the theme park's other nighttime spectaculars.

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But those have started to return — the Main Street Electrical Parade restarted its night-bright roll earlier in the spring — and now it is time for Mickey to again take his place alongside the water, all to stir up some whimsy.

So activate your imagination, for "Fantasmic!" is back at Disneyland park, starting on Saturday, May 28.

The evening shows are included with your Disneyland ticket, but keep in mind you'll also need a reservation to enter the park.

Making a special show especially special? It's the 30th anniversary of "Fantasmic!" in 2022.

To find out more about this large-of-scale spectacular, which includes audience-pleasing odes to "Aladdin," "Pirates of the Caribbean," and other Disney classics, sail your ship to the Disneyland park site now.

And say it with us, before you go: "Some imagination, huh?!"

Mickey's cute quip, as essential to "Fantasmic!" as the action and effects, sums up the spirited exuberance of the spectacular, an enduring extravaganza that is very much about the power of imagination.

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