Farmers Market: Gourmet Grocers' Open House

Tips, demos, and more unfold at the foodie landmark.

'Tis the season for all sorts of holiday-specific happenings to rev up (including various articles starting with the timeless, holiday-evoking words "'tis the season"). 

The holiday-themed festivities do abound, though, when the eleventh month debuts. You're bound to come across some sort of make-a-cornucopia craft class ahead of Thanksgiving, and some fanciful fundraisers, and, of course, the cheerful, doors-flung-wide open house is a staple of the end of the year.

But the open house, as a seasonal concept, isn't just about actual homes; businesses, too, regularly go the come-and-visit route come November, especially those shops that have ties to the turkey-rific holiday to come.

The shops of the Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax more than qualify on this festive front, and, in the spirit of the feastingest occasion of the year, the grocers of the landmark public market will join together for a Gourmet Grocers' Open House on Saturday, Nov. 5.

Yes, Farmers Market, that clocktower'd gem of the mid-city, has in fact been around since 1934, but this grocer-themed open house is labeled as a "first-ever" for the foodie destination.

So what's in store — and stores — at the event, which begins at 11 a.m. on Nov. 5 (and wraps at 5)? You can grab a seat for a Q&A with the head cheese-monger at Monsieur Marcel's Gourmet Market, or watch the making of savory-spicy guacamole at Farm Fresh Produce, or eye the preparation of a crown pork roast at Huntington Meats and Sausage.

True, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November and we are just approaching the first. But gearing up for the gourmand goodies that are part of the stuffing-spectacular holiday can be a multi-week calling for many a home cook.

Early tips and ideas, then, are most welcome, and hearing a lot of solid edible information, both holiday-related and not, in the convivial setting of Farmers Market only ups the air of tie-on-the-apron excitement.

For all of the tasting, demonstrations, and snackable happenings at the Gourmet Grocers' Open House, follow the clock chimes to everyone's longtime hangout at Third & Fairfax and find out your food-specific schedule before Nov. 5 arrives.

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