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Fat Tuesday Favorite: Po' Boys of SoCal

It's Mardi Gras grub: Find new twists on the ultra-stuffed sandwiches.

Social media overflows around the middle of February with tips on getting to know your date/boss/friend better, from the questions to ask on a first date to conversational topics for the next work happy hour.

Whatever method of drawing closer to people you choose, just make sure you know the next person you eat a po'boy in front of very, very well.

A po'boy is not your average, crust-bordered sandwich: It is a lengthy submarine stuffed beyond mathematical reasoning with shrimp or roast beef or crab or seafood. Often thought of as Louisiana's luscious take on the hoagie, the po'boy is as apt to get all over your shirt as something you've willingly spilled on your shirt, but its spill-ability makes sense, given how a po'boy is overstuffed and sauce-laden and easy-to-nosh.

The po'boy's history, by the by, is as full as the sandwich itself: Born in New Orleans and served to those on strike from the Big Easy's famous streetcars, the French bread-y meals were meant to be incredibly filling.

So on Mardi Gras, and any day that is not Mardi Gras, where do you go for this king among long, messy sandwiches? The ultimate meal that demands you know the person you're dining with well? Southern California has plenty of classic and inventive po'boys about. Bib up and make for ...

Orleans & York: This deli on Slauson is known for its po'-boy-o-sity, so much so that po'boy buffs can text to "poboy" to place their order. Catfish, oysters, roast beef, and other savory stars fill the menu, and the tempting salmon po'boy as well. Oh, and andouille chicken sausage, which sounds as Mardi Gras-ready as a beads tossed from a balcony.

The Little Jewel: When faced with 17 different versions of the po'boy, how do you alight upon the one you'll order? Well, here's a thought: Just head back to this Chinatown eatery sixteen more times and try them all. There's the Irish Channel Roast Beef Po'boy, a Creole hot sausage po'boy, a mixed shrimp and oyster po'boy ...

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Blue Plate Oysterette: We know, the blue-and-white-tiled seafooderie's Lobster Roll is so savory — hot or dressed with cool mayo-plus — but the West Hollywood branch is doing up a $17 shrimp po'boy for Mardi Gras. That's Tuesday, Feb. 17, so don your beads and saunter down West Third Street.

The Little Easy: If you're in the downtown neck of the woods, and near The Alexandria Hotel, swing by for po'boy sliders. Think of 'em as po'boys in easier-to-grasp form, with two tasty choices: shrimp or catfish. Plus? You can check out this "NOLA-inspired haunt" which just debuted in January.

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