Feast Upon Frankencake and Chocolate Candy Corn

Milk Bar has the patched-together pastry while andSons made gourmet candy corn that contains, oh yes, real corn.

What to Know

  • Frankencake at Milk Bar on Melrose
  • Chocolate Candy Corn at andSons in Beverly Hills
  • andSons also has Bloody Bones Bars and Raspberry Ghosts

When we think of last-minute needs when it comes to Halloween, it is easy to alight upon another bag of candy for the trick-or-treat set, or a different tail for our cow costume, or a new bulb for the skeleton projection show on our garage door.

But Halloween is a time for ghost, we mean host gifts, those walk-in-the-door delights that we delight in handing to a delighted friend or family member. Of course, you can show up at ghoulish gathering with an opened bag of leftover candy, or you can find fiendish goodies around town.

Looking for a stylish cake, the kind that a few revelers can gather around after the pumpkins are extinguished? Consider the Frankencake, from Milk Bar LAB, the try-stuff-out arm of Melrose's own Milk Bar.

It's available from Oct. 31 through Nov. 3, and there are three different "patched together" cakes involved: Orange Creamsicle Cake, Snickers-inspired Cake, and Junior Mint-inspired Cake.

Oh, and doing the "stitching" in order to unite these three cakes into one? Hi, it's chocolate.

And at andSons Chocolatiers in Beverly Hills?

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The confectioner has created a number of creepily cool snackables. There are the Bloody Bone Bar, which is a dark chocolate shell rocking vanilla rum ganache, a Speculoos cookie, and other amazing additions.

If you're more of a candy corn buff, check it out: The andSons candy corn is really corn, and it is both "crunchy" and "roasted." It's enrobed in 32% blonde chocolate, too, oh goodness oh yum.

Need a ghost gift, right away, for that elegant party you're attending this Halloween?

Bakeries and candy-makers around town are dreaming up gourmet goodies that are worthy of any wicked whoop-di-doo, a toothsome treat that is only slightly terrifying but oh-so-sweet.

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