Feb. 29 Leaplings, Here's Your Free Burger

If your once-every-four-years birthday is just ahead on the final day of February 2020, you're in some sort of savory luck.

Farmer Boys

What to Know

  • Farmer Boys
  • Free Big Cheese burger for people born on Feb. 29
  • Available Feb. 29

We often bemoan that there simply are not enough hours in the day, but that may be especially true on Feb. 29, which has the exact number of hours as the day that will come before it and the day that comes after (Feb. 28 and March 1, to be obvious but specific).

But for people who are Leap Year babies, as in, those who have "Feb. 29" on their birth certificates, driver's licenses, and other forms of identification, the final day of February 2020 really will seem short.

For it is Leaplings' once-every-four-years birthday this year, as in their actual day-of-birth, and the special celebrations, deals, and spotlights will be on the plentiful side around town and beyond, too.

Mammoth Mountain already announced that Feb. 29 birthday-havers can nab a free lift ticket that day, oh sweet.

And at Farmer Boys? If you've got a Feb. 29 birthday, you'll score a complimentary Big Cheese cheeseburger, on, yep, Feb. 29.

It's pretty darn rare to count Feb. 29 as your birthday, of course, though tens of thousands of Americans do (the count, by most accounts, hovers around 187,000).


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Still, you might have a pal who can claim the unusual occasion as their own, which means it is up to you to take them around town on Feb. 29, all so they may be showered in affection, discounts, and cheer.

And, yep, a freebie of a cheeseburger.

Just make sure your friend has an ID that reveals they were indeed born on Feb. 29 before setting out on your Feb. 29 adventures.

The hard truth? It's a day that promises to be on the shorter side for those who want to bask in its every-four-years charm. But bask they should, for deals will continue to flower around Southern California for these lucky Leaplings.

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