Find Free Flicks at Old Pasadena Summer Cinema

Make for the historic district and enjoy a big-screen classics, every Friday and Saturday night in July.

What to Know

  • Opens July 5
  • One Colorado Courtyard and Central Park
  • Free

Your low-back chair?

The one with the canvas bottom?

It can get pretty dang lonely in the wintertime, when it stays folded up inside your hall closet. After all, the time when it is most needed tends to be when outdoor events are numerous, the kind of events that invite you to sit, watch, and relax.

But we're now firmly in Low-Back Chair Season, with July's arrival, and no one would quibble with such a notion. Which means that if you haven't yet retrieved your trusty, won't-block-people-behind-you seat from its closet home yet, the time is now.


Because the ever-popular Old Pasadena Summer Cinema is opening, hurrah. And hurrah again: The screenings are all free, and all on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summery seventh month of the year.

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As for your low-back chair? You'll only need it for the screenings at Central Park, keep in mind; the One Colorado Courtyard screenings have seating.

And even if you don't have a chair for a Central Park-based movies? No worries. Your blanket is a-ok, too.

But worry not, about seating, at this moment, and turn your attention to the 2019 schedule, which begins on Friday, July 5.

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is up first, at One Colorado Courtyard, while "Babe" will win hearts in Central Park on Saturday, July 6 (note that "Captain America: Civil War" will screen later that evening at One Colorado Courtyard).

Again, this is all free.

Again, you'll only want your low-backed chair for Central Park, because the One Colorado screenings have seats. Again, if you don't have a chair for the park, it's just fine. A picnic blanket is perfect.

Special haps — they're also free — plus complimentary Paradis ice cream at the park are part of the deal, as are discounts and other festive doings among the nearby businesses at One Colorado.

Food will be available for purchase around One Colorado, while The Luggage Room Pizzeria, which is across the street from Central Park, will have a special picnic menu you can peruse and purchase from. too.

Again, the screenings are free. Again, low chairs and/or picnic blankets are perfect for Central Park. Again, One Colorado Courtyard has seats, and lots of eateries nearby.

Most importantly?

Have a blast at this long-runner of a gratis good time, a gift from Old Pas to people who love movies, being outdoors, and hanging out on July evening.

Just make sure the movie you want to see is where you think it will be. The locations are within walking distance from each other, but you'll need to cover a few blocks, if you happen to show at the other place.

Don't sweat it; you're close to where you want to be.

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