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Martha Shows Recipes -- Yes, Recipes -- Can Be Tweeted



    Martha Shows Recipes -- Yes, Recipes -- Can Be Tweeted
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    Martha's offering recipes in 140 characters (or less)

    Years back, a friend of ours wrote out, long hand, a much-loved family recipe, that took up three full pages. Of course, there were drawings and off-topic suggestions ("while dough rests, have a drink"), but we suspect that most recipes need to take up the better part of a page.

    Then there is Martha Stewart. If Martha -- in our minds we call her Ms. Stewart but in our hearts, of course, it is Martha -- could directly feed a recipe into our brain via future-laser osmosis, we feel she probably would. She's that efficient, and that able to break down something huge into easy little steps.

    Exhibit 156B: The doyenne of all that is good and domestic is now Tweeting recipes. In 140 characters. Or less. Recent entries: Braised Escarole & Broccoli Rabe, Tetou Aioli, and Easy Garlic Bread.

    You should probably know your food/measurement abbreviations, because there's a lot of info crammed into those quickity-quick paragraphs. But it is all ultimately straightforward. All elegant. All Martha.