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Suds Swap

Beer Belly LA will give you frou-frou brew for your so-so suds.



    Suds Swap
    Beer Belly LA hosts Craft for Crap on Sunday, Aug. 28.

    Swaps come in all shapes and sizes. Clothing swaps, casserole swaps, chore swaps have all passed the tried-and-true tests.

    But what of the beer swap? Those don't come along every day, and they certainly don't have the memorable title of the event that's taking place at Beer Belly LA on Sunday, Aug. 28: Craft for Crap.

    The organizers behind Craft for Crap have asked participants to do one thing: Look in the back of the fridge and find the brews that just didn't pass muster. Then show up with those bottle or cans in hand and trade 'em for a tastier, richer concoction. (Actually, you'll pay a penny for the better beer, since beer cannot be given away per the CA Alcohol Beverage Control.) We'll also add that you get one beer, regardless of what you trade in. But it'll be crafty and tasty and one cent.

    Good? Good.

    Now. What stinky suds are to you might be another woman's perfect brew, so know there's a lot of subjectivity behind this interesting swap. One person likes licorice-flavored hops, one person does not. But what's wrong with a little subjectivity now and then, anyway? Keeps the conversation lively.

    Beer Belly LA is on Western just north of Sixth. It'll open at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 28. Bottoms up! And look. If anyone wants to do a casserole swap plus beer swap, we're all about the double trade. Takers?

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