Free Fall Fun: Kidspace Pumpkin Festival

The 23rd annual party, which takes place in Brookside Park, includes cute activities made for families who adore autumn.

September may get a tad squashy, what with the much-trumpeted introduction of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, pumpkin-themed decorations on the store shelves, and the various pumpkin lots stringing up their lights and signs.

But October, especially around the middle of the month?

Goodness. We're in full-on gourd go-time. Pumpkins are powering up, across the region, and whether you're shopping for a pumpkin costume for your baby, a real pumpkin for your porch, or pumpkin-themed ingredients for baking, you're in it to win it, and pumpkin it, by mid-October.

Which makes the timing of the annual two-day Pumpkin Festival at Brookside Park in Pasadena as perfect as a bowl of lightly salted, slightly sweet roasted pepitas. It's a fundraiser for Kidspace Children's Museum, which is right there, at Brookside, and it just happens to be free.

There are some things that'll come with a small admission fee during the Saturday, Oct. 14 and Sunday, Oct. 15 festivities, like pony rides, games, and eats.

But the live tunes and some of the craft-making fun times? Totally free.

And consider that the money you do spend will go to Kidspace, which is dedicated to educational and enlightening programs for children throughout the year. It's a fine institution to lend some love to, during the season o' pumpkins or any time on the calendar.

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There's a book and costume sale, too, so that rules. And will there be a costume parade? Best let the tykes in your household know that they can give their Halloween costume an early run, if they like.

So many seasonal events have been created to appeal to a more mature audience in recent years, but this adorable celebration remains ideal for the littlest pumpkin people in your brood, as well as everyone else in your brood, too.

Like we said, you're in it to win it — er, pumpkin it — by the middle of October. Best indulge in a great 'n gourdly good time, at Brookside Park, all for Kidspace Children's Museum.

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