Free Lemonade at Hot Dog on a Stick

Be one of the first 50 people to visit your local "Stick" and score a sweet, pay-nothing drink.

Don't tell August, but lately it hasn't been acting, well... very Augusty.

We've had some heat blasts here in Southern California, it's true, but these milder days and long-sleeve mornings? Surely September will bring the full-on scorch-o-sity to make up for these cooler stretches.

But it isn't cool-cool — the sun is still doing its intense, summer-strong thing — and National Lemonade Day will again happen, as it has in years gone by, on Aug. 20, a day when we're typically seeking out something cold to sip, a beverage that's loaded with ice and maybe some citrus and maybe a little sugary zing, too.

Hot Dog on a Stick can deliver on those fronts, and it can, and will, do so for free on Sunday, Aug. 20, which is the ultimate holiday for the most iconic of lemon-flavored libations, as was mentioned above.

Here's how you score your pay-nothing sip in a souvenir, you-keep-it cup: Be one of the first 50 people at your local Hot Dog on a Stick on Aug. 20 and ask for it. Done? Done. Waking up earlier on a Sunday is no bigs, in the summer, when it seems so powerfully bright from the dawn onward.

If you don't make that giveaway in time, you're in luck, if you're a fan of the the original Turkey Dog on a Stick. You'll get one, for free, throughout the day, with a purchase of a lemonade. (Further tying it all into the lemonade-important occasion.)

Where's your local HDoaS? If you're near Santa Monica Pier, your go-to stand is the original stand, the place that all of that batter-dipping, lemon-squeezing goodness began in 1946.

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Just over 70 years of corn-doggery and fresh lemony drinks? It's a legacy, all right, and one that fans will celebrate on National Lemonade Day. And many of those fans shall be celebrated, thanks to a free drink, or a free Original Turkey on a Stick with a lemonade purchase, so the celebrating is clearly happening all around. 

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