Free: ‘The Jungle Book' + Queen Mary

Watch the 2016 live-action film in the ship's beautiful Britannia Salon.

Ocean-liners, back in the day, weren't simply about whisking travelers from Port A to Port B in a stately fashion.

There were pursuits, and pastimes, and ways to while away a day, on board, from the shuffleboard games on the top deck to a night devoted to Charades.

Movies, too, found their way onto the famous ships in the past, ships that usually came outfitted with a projector of some sort, and a pull-down screen, and an audience eager to be entertained while riding the waves.

The Queen Mary is honoring that cinematic legacy, for free, with its Salon Series, which also covers lectures, live tunes, and performance. But Thursday, April 6 is all about the movies, and the movie of the evening is 2016's live-action "The Jungle Book," which will screen in the ocean-liner's oh-so-grand Britannia Salon.

A few good-to-knows include the fact that Walt Disney was a passenger on the Queen Mary before it arrived at its forever home in Long Beach in 1967. That a Walt Disney Company film would one day play in a salon the creative innovator may have frequented feels full circle (and full circles, in terms of globe-navigating ships, are kind of a theme when it comes to ocean-liners).

Another free element to April 6? Admission to the ship will be waived after 3 p.m. and the price for event parking will drop to ten dollars. If you want to hop on an historical tour, that's additional, but you're free to stroll the '30s-era landmark.

Movie-type snacks'll be for sale, and the film? You'll want to arrive well ahead of the 6 o'clock start time. Do note you'll want to reserve your spot first, even those admission is free.

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